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Heathcote Women in Wine

Heathcote Women in Wine
There are not many positive messages resulting from the coronavirus pandemic except for the gathering of communities and increased support of each other echoing the “We’re all in this together” catch cry of the Australian Government.  Heathcote is also not immune to the rising of community spirit with the Heathcote Women in Wine as one such example.
The concept was derived from Sanguine Estate’s launch into Virtual wine tastings via Facebook Live and Zoom sessions since the closure of its cellar door during the first Covid19 wave and the need to connect with customers in a new way.  Starting initially with their own wines quickly grew into a more regional approach with an invitation to other Heathcote winemakers to join them in celebrating the Heathcote wine region and its vast array of winemaker philosophies and family stories. 
It was following a session titled “Four Brands of Heathcote” that Jodi Marsh (Sanguine Estate) spoke with Tracie Young (Silver Spoon Estate) about celebrating the many roles that women play in the Heathcote wine region and so the idea of “Heathcote Women in Wine” was born and the first two virtual wine tasting sessions were scheduled with 6 Heathcote women involved from varying backgrounds.  Mixed wine packs of each other’s wines were soon released based on the women choosing a wine in their range that was close to their hearts.  Interestingly this resulted in a different variety chosen by each further emphasising Heathcote’s diversity from the recognised and celebrated highly awarded Shiraz to the plethora of new wave Italian, French and Spanish varietals gaining notoriety.
With the sharing of content and a collaborative approach to marketing, Part 1 of Heathcote Women in Wine has so far achieved 1,300 views on Sanguine Estate’s facebook page and Part 2 has achieved 874 views. 
Who are these women?

The group comprises 6 women from 6 Heathcote wineries:

Emily Kinsman of Armstead
Jodi Marsh of Sanguine Estate
Tracie Young of Silver Spoon Estate
India Munari of Munari Wines
Madeleine Marson of Vinea Marson
Jess Dwyer of Farmer & the Scientist 

    For more information, visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/heathcotewomeninwine