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Winter Update

In all this Covid Craziness, we realised that we haven't given you guys an update in a while.

Whilst it's been tough navigating the past few months, as many of you are also probably finding, we've been busy doing all sorts of things. Vintage 2020 wrapped up well back in May, with Emily working alongside Hanging Rock Winery's chief winemaker Rob Ellis. Since then, we've been keeping a close eye on our 2020 wines and they're tasting pretty darn good already. We've been blending, stirring and racking and can't wait to share a few with you soon. We'll also be bottling some of our 2019 vintages soon, so keep any eye out for those.

We pruned our vineyard in early July, over 2 days with the help of good friends. We always find that it's so peaceful in the vineyard, pruning as the morning sun burns away the chilly frost and fog. Lucy and Pippa were always nearby, keeping a close eye to ensure we properly pruned every vine and picked up every cane.

Cellar Door: As some of you will know, we haven't yet re-opened our Cellar Door since Lockdown 1.0. This is mostly because given the size of our Cellar Door, the social distancing restrictions have meant that we could only have 1-2 people tasting at any one time. However, we've also been working hard to do some upgrades around the place. We can't wait to share these with you soon, when we (hopefully and Covid dependant) re-open in Spring.