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We love wine. And adventure. So we combined the two.


Thought it was worth introducing ourselves, so you know a little more about us and who are the faces behind the wines we make.

We are Tom and Emily - or Tom and Em, as we're fondly known as by family and friends. We are ardent about all things wine (obvious right?) and (crazily) embarked on this wild adventure in July 2017.

Armstead was the passion project of Peter Armstead, who planted some exceptional Shiraz in 2003, only metres from Lake Eppalock on an easterly facing slope.  A shallow strip of Cambrian soil runs through the middle, deep red and mineral rich.

We "stumbled" across Armstead one sunny Autumn day in March 2017, whilst taking our new boat for its maiden voyage.  After launching near the Kimbolton Kiosk, we cruised along the coast line, looking for the perfect nook to pull in and crack a bottle. We soon discovered Armstead Estate, with its bright lush lawn and beautiful deciduous trees. It was quite the sight, nestled in between the dry paddocks and Eucalypts. 

E: "Wow, I wonder who lives there?"

T: "How do we buy it?"

Both smiling at the (ludicrous) thought, we meandered the coastline. Then, as we turned the bend, we saw the large "For Sale" sign, posted into the ground with images of the 1860s Homestead and vineyard. Tom's words spoken only 5 minutes earlier suddenly became a real possibility.

Dropping in to the Cellar Door the following weekend, we tasted the sensational wines and wandered the property, spending the best part of a day with Peter and Sharon. We instantly fell in love with the unique lakeside setting and exceptional wines.

And it was that night that we decided to embark on the craziest adventure of our lives.

- E