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2019 Vintage Report

2019 was a sensational vintage for us. Although yields were a little down, as a result of minimal rainfall over the Spring and Summer months leading up to picking, the berries were mid-sized and an explosion of flavour.

We had two very hot weeks in late January (reaching 44.8°C on 25 January 2019) and late February / early March (with temperatures above 35°C for 6 days from 27 February to 4 March), which caused the fruit to ripen on the vines very quickly and condensed our picking schedule.  However, the slightly cooler breaks and lower overnight temperatures (and overnight irrigation at some of our vineyards) slowed the baumé levels and allowed the berries to develop full flavours.  Whilst it’s only early days for our reds, we expect 2019 to be a fabulous year.

Chardonnay for Blanc-de-Blanc

Vineyard: Merindoc, Tooborac
Date picked: 14 February 2019

The fruit was hand-picked first thing in the morning and completed by midday, before being taken straight to the winery for processing.  Yields were somewhat down, but the fruit quality was good. Berries had fresh, apple characteristics - perfect for blanc-de-blanc. Whole bunches were pressed immediately, then transferred to stainless. Inoculation commenced on 15 February 2019 in tank and lasted 8 days.  The wine was then transferred in to four oak barriques for ageing. In November 2019, the wine was Tiraged. 


Vineyard: Mt Burrumboot, Colbinabbin
Date picked: 22 February 2019

Hand-picked at dawn to beat the hot weather, the fruit was transported straight to the winery for processing. Baumé was a little higher than usual, but berries were full of flavour - rich pear and honeysuckle. Pressings were added and the ferment lasted almost two weeks, following which the wine was transferred to old oak Barriques for ageing.  A full-bodied wine which exhibits strong honey characteristics, a customary Marsanne.

Armstead Shiraz

Vineyard: Armstead Estate, Knowsley
Date picked: 2 March 2019

Hand-picked by family and friends, starting early to avoid the heat of the day. Yields were up, as a result of additional watering overnight during Spring and early Summer. The fruit was crushed and de-stemmed straight away, then inoculated. The ferment lasted 10 days and then transferred to two old oak barriques for ageing. Soft tannins and delicate ripe raspberries.

Dead Horse Hill Shiraz

Vineyard: Dead Horse Hill, Toolleen
Date picked: 2 March 2019

Hand-picked by the McRobert family and their friends, the grapes were taken straight to the winery for processing. Yields were very low due to the vineyard being dry grown and there being minimal rain fall over the growing period.  The fruit quality was exceptional - bright red berries and very flavour-full.

Mt Burrumboot Shiraz

Vineyard: Mt Burrumboot, Colbinabbin
Date picked: 5 March 2019

Grapes were machine harvested overnight, then transported to the winery at dawn. Berries were full of intense raspberry and mulberry flavours, characteristic of the northern Heathcote region. Crushed, de-stemmed and inoculated, then pressed after 6 days to allow the ferment to finish in barrel.

Coliban Glen Shiraz

Vineyard: Coliban Glen, Kimbolton
Date picked: 8 March 2019

Hand-picked on a cooler Autumn day, the fruit was taken straight to the winery for processing.  Fermented in open fermenters then pressed on 19 March 2019 and transferred to oak barriques for ageing. Black-current, white pepper and spice.

Coliban Glen Cabernet Sauvignon

Vineyard: Coliban Glen, Kimbolton
Date picked: 17 March 2019

Picking took place later than initially planned due to the slow ripening of the berries. Grapes were hand-picked, and taken straight to the winery for processing - tasting exceptional. A short period of fermentation in open fermenters and then transferred in to oak barriques to finish.