2019 Christmas Pack: Roxy's Paddock Shiraz Vertical Pack

2019 Christmas Pack: Roxy's Paddock Shiraz Vertical Pack

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Our Roxy's Paddock Shiraz is our signature wine, produced every year since 2006, and exhibits unique characteristics of our Lakeside Terroir and extreme climate changes of intense summers and frosty winters. Passionately referred to as the “Cambrian Rise”, our Roxy's Paddock Shiraz is a full-bodied, velvety wine with flavours of sweet blackberry, plum and rich red cherries.

Our Roxy's Paddock Shiraz Vertical Tasting pack includes our 2013, 2014 and 2016 vintages so you'll have the opportunity to enjoy each of the different vintages, which only get better with age.

The Roxy's Vertical Pack includes: 
1 x 2013 Roxy's Paddock Shiraz
1 x 2014 Roxy's Paddock Shiraz
1 x 2016 Roxy's Paddock Shiraz
1 x 2018 Lakeside Marsanne
1 x 2017 Little Vineyard Sparkling Shiraz
1 x 2016 Matilda Reserve Shiraz

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